Advantages of Video Conferencing for Companies

December 23, 2020

Throughout this past year, most companies had to transition their team meetings, business meetings and interviews (if they were lucky enough to be hiring) to online video conferencing solutions from in person ones.

Video conferencing became an indisputable and sometimes intrusive part of our lives when we took our work home with us. Knowing that we help flatten the curve makes things easier at times, but it may end up not knowing what you did with your day as meetings may become more frequent and less productive.

Still switching your meetings entirely to video may not be as bad as you thought. Here’s the reasons why…

Enable a Digital Workforce

Switching to video conferencing permanently can save both you and your team time from spending hours commuting everyday to an office space you have to pay thousands of dollars for, not to mention that you will enable thousands of disabled individuals.

You can allocate commuting time to daily activities and exercises which will boost your team’s morale and motivation.

There is a brief adjustment period due to common side effects such as not having to wake up so early and having too much time in your hands all of a sudden.

But in all seriousness, after the adjustment period you will start noticing that your team’s productivity has increased as they will look forward to completing their workload to get on with their daily activities.

The biggest challenge in all this is to keep your team from falling victim to what is beginning to be known as “Zoom fatigue”.

Too many meetings that are way too accessible, cause them to become redundant and unproductive. While Zoom hasn’t really addressed this by a change in features, 11Sight enables you to see how many minutes you have left in each meeting and take action notes during and after.

After the meeting you get back to what matters the most; a picture of a loved one or an aspiration. I like seeing my family after my meetings to take a moment to slow down and contemplate. 11Sight is designed to keep productivity high and mental health prime.

Create a Universal Company Culture

Being timeless and universal are no longer a concern for artists and global giants like Amazon and Coca-Cola. The globalized market is here and it’s not stopping.

Creating a mobile, flexible and adaptive culture for employees is the most common practice for a business that aims to take advantage of the globalized market.

Video conferencing has an unrivaled advantage of bringing employees and businesses together, due to its ability to build instant trust and reliability. You can give each member of your team a virtual office and hold meetings in conference rooms.

11Sight’s virtual office structure mimics a physical office to ensure a smoother transition. Besides, you will be able to receive calls to your office from anywhere in the world, expanding your reach from a brick and mortar to the depths of the global network. Get more information about our products at: