How We Took the Quantum Leap! | LA Tribune Quantum Leap Forum

March 1, 2021

Online events are the new reality of our lives. Sometimes we participate as listeners, sometimes as speakers. The Early Spring 2021 Pitch Global event in Southern California is the first of its kind, co-hosted with The Los Angeles Tribune.

It was a 2-day summit with powerful speakers, discussion, and an all-day pitch competition. Aleks Gollu of 11Sight participated in the all-day pitch and came back with a prize!

We won the Best Startup Award and we are happy to share the thrill of this special achievement with you.

About Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Forum is an annual event presented by The Los Angeles Tribune. The previous event in 2020 had 20,000 visitors. The exposure is great and long-term partnerships are possible as well. This year’s event was live on ROKU TV and all syndicate partners. 2021’s online event was spread into 2 days with 7-hour sessions. Participants took the chance to join the world's top speakers and pop culture icons as with a deep dive into how to take quantum leaps financially, mentally, relationally, spiritually, and physically.

We want to quote the beautiful words of Tina D. Lewis, summarizes the gist of the day:

"Take the leap. Jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down!

At the second day of Quantum Leap Forum, startups pitched to thousands. Here’s our pitch, presented by our CEO, Aleks Gollu.

11Sight’s Pitch:

Announced by Axel Tillmann, we feel right proud of taking the first place as the Best Startup!

Watch Axel Tillmann’s announcement here:

Join us to share the thrill!